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Luxury Fruit Baskets | Fruit Baskets Delivered Across UK

Luxury Fruit Baskets is a service from Starlings of Swaffham, a traditional, family-run greengrocer and fruiterer that first opened its doors more than half a century ago.

Over the years, our business has thrived in a highly competitive market. Why? Because we always buy the very best produce – local where possible – and we provide excellent customer service.

We have been making fruit baskets from the very beginning, delighting our local customers with the quality of both our produce and the innovative wrapping that makes each basket a special gift. Now it seems that word has got out, and the customers from ever further afield are asking us to deliver our fruit baskets to their door.

Today we offer a great selection of fruit baskets including classic fruit baskets, hospital gift fruit baskets, and large fruit hampers.

All of our luxury fruit baskets can be ordered online today, and delivered to anywhere in the UK.

So why not come and discover Swaffham’s best kept secret?

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